Our Story

A-One Techniques (Pvt.) Ltd.
is a business unit of automotive Industries

A-One Techniques (Pvt.) Ltd. is a business unit of automotive Industries, a veteran-owned family business that has been in continuous operations since 4 decades.

Since its establishment in 1983, A-One Techniques (Pvt.) Ltd. has been committed to bringing high quality solutions to the automotive market.

A World Class OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

A world class OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive parts manufacturers that specializes integrated production system of Extruded Hoses, Molded parts, Rubber to Metal Bonded, Oil Level Gages etc.

Over the years through continuous improvement combined with a robust work environment has led A-ONE TECHNIQUES (PVT) Ltd, to develop into a full-fledged automotive manufacturers. Our valued customers encouragement and their regular contribution towards A-ONE TECHNIQUES (PVT) Ltd, managed to diversify and exploit new prospects and potentials in the field of Rubber, Plastic, and Sheet Metal components.

A-ONE has witnessed continuous growth while diversifying & expanding our product mix of parts manufacturing including specialization of bonding and various other types of rubber with sheet metal. Our esteemed customers have presented us numerous awards and acknowledgement for our excellent quality, on-time delivery, and on-time development and more, which made it possible through our untiring efforts and commitment to provide excellent components to our valued customers. Henceforth, backed by international certifications and corroborating with our philosophy to ensure 100% quality commitment for our customers, we are constantly striving towards excellence and have below standards for smooth operations.

We are located in an industrial hub of the city in Karachi, Pakistan. We are geared to enhance our customer satisfaction and meet the future demands of automotive market. We are the only company in Pakistan equipped with Integrated Management System (IMS).